What is eQHS?

Permit to Work is digitalized to offer a better solution for Safety Management Team. This is an excellent management software that can be downloaded and used on any mobile device or PC.
It’s easy to customize any electronic Permit to Work form app with fields that pertain to your worksite, such as potential hazards, health and safety regulations, electrical work spots, or hazardous energy sites. It also includes data entry for work safety procedures, contractor management names, and permit management.
Once our Permit to Work software form has been filled out and all safety measures are completed, your safety executive can sign off on the form electronically. If your property is in compliance, the issuing officer may sign as well, add their comments and email a copy of the permit to the appropriate parties. Throughout the application process, this permit management software keeps your management in control and saves everyone time.

Why eQHS?

  • Customizable Checklist – Any QHS Form or Checklist can be customized to the Company’s policy and requirements.
  • Customizable Layers of Approval – A QHS can be customized to a designated number of layers of Approval in line with the Company’s policy and Safety Management System.
  • Standardized Inspections – Pre-loaded with standard checklists and templates across each project to ensure consistency.
  • Notifications and Alerts – Pre-defined Alerts are triggered to responsible parties through Push Notifications for prompt actions.
  • Effortless Reporting – PDF reports can be generated instantaneously and hence share the same with the project team, client and consultants.

How it Works?