What is eCMS?

eCMS is a Trendy and high-tech Web based Software Application for all types of Contractors in Construction Industry. The Application enables the Contractors to manage and administrate Progress Payment Claims, Certifications and Payment Acknowledgements in a diligent manner within matter of no time over the web, hence benefitting all parties’ right from Main Contractor to bottom line Sub-Contractors without any hassles.

The application is tailored to suit all levels of Contractors in accomplishing an effective contract administration with best possible solutions in real time environment, as this is been developed by Construction Professional with decade of Experience.
It’s a Handy Tool for every Contractor stuffed with valuable Project Financial Information. The tool supports you with Real Time Information at any moment you desired, for which you had been craving for all these days, as we knows the best what you would be looking for!!

Contractors are now able to perform following key activities with least efforts:

  • Submit Claims online.
  • Receive and Certify Sub Contractor’s Claim online.
  • Invoicing and Payment Receipts Online.
  • Track, Alert and Notify on the Claims and Certifications Status Online.
  • Generate Professional Documented Reports.

Core objective of this Application is to Prepare, Process and Produce the Data with an absolute set of Professional and amazing Documented Reports in ‘NO TIME’, retrievable at ‘ANY TIME’, and ‘EVERYTIME’.
eCMS is never a substitute to current way of Managing Progress Claims and Certification, but to exclusively customise, sophisticate and enhance the current system by automating the entire Claim Process Cycle for best Productivity towards achieving a robust outcome.
In short, Managing Progress Claims and Certifications could never be as breezy as you are in this Portal.

How eCMS Works?

You can go for it for a very simple reason to huge. To name a few:

  • Timely Information on Project Financial Status within seconds.
  • 24/7 Service – Freedom of working from anywhere, anytime.
  • Save Time on Claims and Certification processes.
  • Teamwork as Work Load being distributed across the Team in a Company.
  • Transparency increased within the Team and Contract Parties that results better peace of mind.
  • Accountability on every activity performed.
  • Efficiency highly increased as human errors are minimised significantly.
  • Professional documentation and Amazing Reports will exceed your expectations.
  • Reconciliation – Accounts section will be pleased upon implementation.
  • Electronically stored Documents assure peace of mind.
  • Call for Action – Automated E-mail Alerts and Notifications to Team Members for a prompt response.
  • Stay connected – E-mail Notifications pushed directly to higher Management to keep them up-to-date.
  • Go Green – Paperless transactions avoids manual filing, but well documented records in safe environment.
  • Productivity: No doubt the Productivity and Performance are vigorously improved in all areas. A few underlined as follows:
    • It allows various staffs within a team to work on the same project at the same time hence eliminating faxing the reports back and forth. By this way, the system allows the project team to achieve a common goal beyond the boundaries of administrative work.
    • Real-Time Project Financial Information would support the Management to make critical and important decisions concerning their Business Operations.
  • Security – Having relied on us for the vital part of your business processes and record keeping, we fully acknowledge and understand our responsibility. Hence, we have paid our utmost attention to incorporate the following features as part of Hosting our Software:
    • Hosted at Secure Data Centres in Singapore that warrants your Security and Privacy.
    • Web Traffic is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, similar to the environment handled by Financial Institutions and Banks.
  • In short ‘you will never go wrong when our System is so RIGHT !!!’ and you will admit that “Claims administrations are as easy as ‘A B C D……’”


Kick-start now to lead the changes, as one with least IT knowledge can apply this on day-to-day operations to benefit at large.

Why wait?? Start driving your business forward with the right tool and data NOW!!!

How eCMS Works?

When comes to Progress Claims, we are all construction professionals the firsthand experience much of the struggled keeping up with monthly paper works in there. That’s why, eCMS has re-defined Contract Claims Administration where the entire Project Team can collaborate online to share the workload making it a breeze.